Compound Measures : Speed

By | 13th January 2023

Download the PowerPoint here

That shape/space/measures bit of the menu is looking awfully bare. Not as bare as the data/probability section, but still.

Simple PowerPoint here.

Little starter

Followed by some example problem pairs and some questions
I am still loving fill in the gap resources. Interestingly, my group managed to do this without seeing the formula triagle/rearranging the formula. They just used thinking skills to work backwards.

Not sure that the reflect/expect/reflect bit of these questions works. I’ve tried to make sure they compare it to the first question each time, but I think it is better when it’s more of a ‘journey’ and you compare it to the previous question in each case.

Still A* for formatting. It looks good.

Then I’ve made a blooket for some checking, some exam questions and a plenary.

This worked well with my group but it maybe needs some mini whiteboard work.

Have a lovely weekend