Monthly Archives: March 2018

Vary and twist : Inverse proportion

Another ‘vary and twist’. This time on inverse proportion. Download it here. I have added a section at the top making explicit that students should make an expectation of the answer before working it out, as I think this is where the power of these types of activity come from. My thinking A question to… Read More »

Vary and Twist: Proportion

I’m going to call these Vary and Twist. Section A is some variation practice. Here’s my thinking behind the variations: Simple example Context change, numbers stay the same OK. Now double what we require. answer doubles Amount needed triples, answer triples. Also 6 x first one We’ve doubled the number of pens in the first… Read More »

SSDD Problems

I’ve been using Mr Barton’s SSDD Problems with my year 11 class. I think they’re really good. They do a really good job of making students pick out what they need to do. Here’s a great one. This is great because it makes pupils read the question. It was fantastic for revision because we got… Read More »