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Things I Think I Think … 1

I know I haven’t blogged for ages. Sometimes it’s a bit daunting doing a proper post with loads of resources etc. So I’m just going to jot some thoughts down. 1. Craftsmanship Videos I’m a bit obsessed with videos like this at the moment. There’s so much wonderful about them, but I’ve come to have… Read More »

Don Steward ATM session: 5 thoughts

I’m trying a new kind of post. I went to the ATM/MA Don Steward presentation on Saturday. It was excellent, and if you get a chance to see Don speak, go. Don has uploaded his slides here. Rather than the daunting task of writing a full follow-up, I thought I’d just write my thoughts down… Read More »

Interesting Questions

I’ve been thinking about meta-task recently. That is, the point of doing something. I recently created the task below for my year 10 class. On the surface this seems OK to me. It isn’t just lots of the same thing, questions increase in difficulty and type by row (whilst still allowing a little bit of… Read More »

A proposal: Numeracy

We all know the new maths GCSE is harder, but it’s interesting to look at HOW they are harder. There is some new content, but not particularly a massive amount (although I think the functions content will be harder for many pupils than it looks). The reason most people are pointing to the new GCSE being… Read More »