Monthly Archives: May 2019

Calculating bearings

Download the PowerPoint here Bearings is a topic that I’ve taught really badly in the past. It’s due to a number of factors (teaching measuring, use of worksheets) but mainly I think due to a lack of thinking on my part about the different processes and skills contained within bearings work. I often lumped all… Read More »

Equivalent fraction diagrams

Download the file here Based on reading Viable Maths by Peter Mattock. When I do equivalent fractions but I rarely do it with the aid of a diagram or a frame like I have here. I haven’t extended this to algebra, but I imagine it would not be difficult to do so.

Index Laws : Division

Get PowerPoint here Completing index law week here. I added some whiteboard questions/rapid fire questions as I felt I didn’t have enough build up. As in the last few PowerPoints I spent time thinking about the questions I ask and the skills required. An SSDD type question. I need to add more of these to… Read More »

Indices : Power Law

Get the lesson PowerPoint here. Going with Jo Morgan’s suggestion of doing the power law after multiplying rather than after dividing. I wrote some challenging questions. There’s also a hinge question and some timed questions. I also moved on to changing bases. Because it’s really easy and a lovely way to introduce the idea of… Read More »