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Rationalising the denominator

Download the worksheet here Thanks to @mathsiskind on Twitter for pointing out that I nearly uploaded this resource with ‘rationalising’ spelt wrong every time. NO!!!!!!!!! — be kind, shashi (@mathsiskind) September 24, 2021 I am really liking forwards/backwards activities at the moment. Fill in the gaps etc. They can be great for a bit… Read More »

Surds and brackets

Download it here Pretty simple stuff. But I’ve tried to add a bit of backwards/forwards thinking here. I might even do rationalising next week. (I’m teaching this topic at the moment but I don’t always upload the slides I teach as they’re not 100% complete a lot of the time). That will mean the surds… Read More »

Addition of surds

Download the lesson here There isn’t much here. I was just trying to explicitly teach something I often leave in passing. (ie that surd addition works like collecting any other like term). Not a full lesson. Just maybe an activity to throw in.

Simplifying Surds

Click here to download the resource I created this for my class. There’s quite a lot here. A starter, some example problem pairs, some activities etc. The usual. The main activity is a total rip off of an activity I saw on Jo Morgan’s resourceaholic, though (although there’s a strong argument to be made that… Read More »

Reverse Percentages

Download the resource here Again, simple. There’s example problem pairs covering discounts/price increases and three exercises of questions. Not much more to say. Again, if you want to get in contact about collating these somewhere where people will actually see them, hit me up on Twitter. I’m @ticktockmaths.

Dividing Decimals

Download the resource here The words I used in the TES description were ‘simple but comprehensive’. That’s what I’ve tried to aim for here. I’ve started with divisions that produce a decimal answer, which isn’t technically decimal division but I think is an important intro. Again, there’s not much to this, but what is there… Read More »