Monthly Archives: March 2021

Things I Think I Think … 2

I love it when a student goes away and voluntarily does extra work because the task is so fun. This week I did a bit of Artful Maths’ Impossible Objects. Wonderful lesson and I got some great results. More than that, I got some really, really enthused students. I’ve been using my iPad a lot… Read More »

Solving One Step Equations

Download the PowerPoint | Download the worksheet Another attempt to take lessons that were a bit rubbish and update them, with a focus on good questions. I’ve taken what I think is quite a brave choice to use decimals extensively throughout. There is a reason for that, and that is thinking about the skill that… Read More »


Download the PowerPoint here | Download the worksheet here (not technically needed, just the PPT questions in a printer friendly format) | Download the plotting and measuring worksheet. One of the best MathsConf sessions I’ve been to, and one that I come back to again and again is Jo Morgan’s Indices in Depth (Watch a… Read More »