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Multiplying indices

Get the PowerPoint here Again, a lot of stuff is stolen from Jo Morgan’s great work. I mean, I’m never going to make something as beautiful as this. I wrote some questions. I think they’re quite nice. And I put some discussion slides in again

Index Notation

Download the PowerPoint here. So … I can’t claim that I’ve done much original work here. Most of this is stolen from Jo Morgan’s indices in depth presentation. Sorry Jo! Normally I make a lot of stuff from scratch, but Jo’s work here is so good that I can’t really improve on it. If you… Read More »

Applications of Pythagoras

Download the lesson here. I find telling pupils the Pythagoras rules and then getting them to solve ‘problems’ isn’t enough. Often, the unstructured problem solving can be overwhelming for students. Opinions vary. You might think that I’ve structured this waaay too much, and removed too much thinking from the students. It would be interesting to… Read More »

Pythagoras’ Theorem

Download the lesson here Download the worksheets here [1] [2] There’s two lessons here. Which is the hypotenuse? A worksheet with lots of different orientations of triangles. Moving on to finding the missing side, no matter if it’s long or short. Something a bit more fun Finishes, as always, with a five quick questions learning… Read More »

Ratio problems

Download the lesson here. Just a load of interesting (ish) ratio problems to work though. I used bar modelling. I am increasingly into bar modelling for KS3, although I’m still not massively convinced when it comes to negatives. I call these ‘reverse’ ratio problems. I don’t know if that’s the correct terminology. I have been… Read More »

Sharing in a ratio

Download the lesson here. Something I’ve wanted to get around to completing for a while. I love ratio and I’ve got into doing a little bit of bar modelling. There’s some LOVELY questions in the White Rose Barvember stuff. This lesson has an example problem pair and some mini-whiteboard work. When I taught this lesson,… Read More »