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Words and numbers

Download the resource here I think this resource is quite good. One thing I’ve noticed with pupils, is that literacy gets in the way of the mathematics more often then you would realise. There’s literacy issues with things like ‘range’ etc having very strict mathematical definitions, but we also use loads of different words for… Read More »


Download the PowerPoint here Final resource of this half term. I’ve packaged together some of the starters that I’ve been putting on Twitter challenging misconceptions I’ve seen in lessons. Stuff that I see a lot but doesn’t necessarily have a place in a SoW. Stuff like the difference between a half and two Or when… Read More »


A few years ago I had some difficult year 10s. Instead of doing their work they would play a game called Bananas. One of them would give the others a letter, and they would each try and come up with a film, a popstar etc that started with that letter. I decided to turn the… Read More »

Rent To Own

I made a quick PowerPoint comparing rent to own companies like Bright House with buying goods outright. Get it here I think there’s a problem solving task in here. Collecting the items needed for an everyday house and comparing the cost of buying them outright, buying them with a credit card and buying them with… Read More »

KenKen Puzzles

Since finding this on TES, I’ve become midly obsessed with KenKen puzzles. They are like Sudoku (which I already think is fantastic at developing the kind of maths skills I want to see) but much more mathematcally involved. There’s a load of these puzzles on the linked PowerPoints, or you can just Google ‘KenKen’.