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Updated resource : Solving linear inequalities

Download the lesson here. Completely revamped lesson. Includes an example problem pair, lots of mini-whiteboard work, a regular activity (which is still kind of rubbish to be honest. I could do with thinking about these questions more) and a nice little codebreaker. I prefer setting my code breakers out like this. I find if you… Read More »


Download the word file here. I’ve been reading Peter Mattock’s book Visible Maths. I’m only two chapters in but I’m really enjoying it. Visual representations is something I haven’t really learnt much about. I’ve dabbled in bar modelling, but I’m a stranger to things like Cuisenaire rods. So much so that I had to read… Read More »

The Sine Rule

Download the PowerPoint here Download the worksheet here This took me about two weeks to complete! Don’t know why, it’s not that many slides. I drew lots of Geogebra diagrams. There’s a worksheet with 15 questions. I made this for a class with really strong prior attainment. I think I could probably do with some… Read More »

Measuring and constructing bearings

Get the PowerPoint here. Get the worksheet as a Word file or PDF file. Bearings is one of those difficult topics to teach, I think. Even though it’s reasonable easy. I’ve done a lesson here concentrating on just measuring and constructing. No calculation at all. I’m going to put that in a separate lesson. Which… Read More »


Get the PowerPoint here. This is a really small lesson on Polygons. I taught it as a half lesson. Includes a definition of a polygon variation theory thing. Plus my first ever Quizlet! I liked doing this. I played it as a live game. You can see it in this little video. Pupils are presented… Read More »

Probability words

Get the PowerPoint here. I know, it’s strange that I’ve left this one until last. I did the silly thing of assuming that since I taught a high ability year 7 group, that they’d be ace at this, but they weren’t, which I caught during a quiz during a plenary. I’d made the classic mistake… Read More »

Sample space diagrams

Download the lesson here. Obviously includes the ‘horse race’ game. I did it a bit differently this year. I gave out dice to everyone and a sheet to everyone. I then collated all the results so we could see exactly how many had 7 as their ‘winner’. It worked really well. Especially with a bit… Read More »

Experimental Probability

Download the PowerPoint here. Wrote some questions including some moving between relative frequency and frequency. Discussion. Also a task I’m not sure if I like. I’ve included this at the end. I have run this task a few times and been dissatisfied every time. In my head, I imagine students trying to make the die… Read More »