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Find the resource here. (As a side note, I’d really like to not use TES to host these resources at some point, but haven’t really found a better option). This is pretty simple stuff. But look at this example problem pair. It’s sideways! I think these are best printed off (2 per page) and stuck… Read More »

Coordinates Resources

Download these resources here. There’s actually a lot more to coordinates than is perhaps given space for in a lot of schemes of work. I certainly have been guilty of skipping over the topic before, on the basis that the kids can ‘do it’ and have made trouble for myself later on down the line.… Read More »

Frequency Tables

I’ve been avoiding putting this one up for a while, because I couldn’t think of any decent questions and this lesson is a bit all over the place. But it might be useful for someone. I swing between it not covering enough and it covering too much. It starts with a variation theory thing on… Read More »

Compound Measures : Speed

Download the PowerPoint here That shape/space/measures bit of the menu is looking awfully bare. Not as bare as the data/probability section, but still. Simple PowerPoint here. Little starter Not sure that the reflect/expect/reflect bit of these questions works. I’ve tried to make sure they compare it to the first question each time, but I think… Read More »

Mean from a list

Download the resource here Some data handling for once! I have deliberately just stuck to mean here. I like to focus on it, rather than doing mean, median and mode all in one lesson. I quite like these questions. Just because there’s loads to talk about when going through them. Things like Lots of things… Read More »

Solving by factorising

Download the lesson here This is a follow up to my factorising quadratics lesson. I taught this two weeks ago, but I was cleaning up the slides to be put online. I really think the exercise that goes along with it is nicely thinky. Some variation and slow build up of activity. Other thoughts I’ve… Read More »

Substitution with positive integers

Download the resource here Sometimes a resource benefits from you deleting stuff, not adding stuff. I’ve got a much better understanding of what I want these resources to be, and how they’re helpful these days. Case in point. This used to be a massive PowerPoint stuff with activities, just for the sake of doing activities.… Read More »