Monthly Archives: September 2016

Lovely Venns

I was doing a lesson on LCM and HCF today and a student asked me if you could have a five or more set Venn diagram. A little bit of googling for a picture and we found this interesting interactive diagram that is well worth talking about. Colour mixing 7 set Venn Diagram

A proposal: Numeracy

We all know the new maths GCSE is harder, but it’s interesting to look at HOW they are harder. There is some new content, but not particularly a massive amount (although I think the functions content will be harder for many pupils than it looks). The reason most people are pointing to the new GCSE being… Read More »


Does anyone have any experience using Planboard? It’s basically an online planner and it might suit my way of working better than a paper planner, which I am terrible at using (I forget to fill in some days, forget to look back at notes from previous days etc). I’m going to be trialling it this… Read More »

Maths Bot

Budgets in school are increasingly coming under scrutiny. One of the things that we’ve cut back on in our school is photocopying. This is an issue for me because I’m your typical worksheet teacher. A bit of it is laziness. It’s easy to differentiate by giving someone a sheet with differentiated questions. However, it’s becoming… Read More »