Monthly Archives: July 2013

100 Boring Questions

I am a fairly traditional teacher. I believe that people learn by doing, and people learn mathematical processes by doing them. However, doing a hundred questions is dull, so I’m always looking for ways to make a simple worksheet more interesting and involving. Here are a few ideas I’ve collected over the years and my… Read More »

Why Maths Is Different

The current Mathematics GCSE is quite a difficult subject to learn and a very difficult subject to teach, but I often feel that people don’t quite appreciate the subtleties of why this is. The subject is broken up into lots of different, discrete skills (sometimes these skills are related to other skills, sometimes they’re not)… Read More »

Let's Go Outside

A lot of maths is done at desks, in rows. I am guilty of this (I often find that if students are sat in groups of four, there is a little too much room for them to ‘hide’). However, going out of the classroom and into the real world is often really powerful. I was… Read More »