These are lessons to be taken ‘off the shelf’. Each ppt contains an explanation, several different tasks, a problem solving task and a learning check. These require no printing.

Writing expressions: I always find this hard to teach. I’ve tried to be very explicit with the teaching. Dunno if I’ve been successful.

Collecting like terms: When I come to edit this, I will definitely add something about deciding which terms are ‘like’. A little whiteboard quiz or something.

Substitution: Lots of practice. Some links back to nth term, which I think is important. Some worded questions. I seem to remember this taking me ages. Don’t know if it’s good or I’m lazy.

Expanding one bracket: I’ve used grid here. Unsure about how I feel about that. Did start with talking about expanding brackets with no algebra, though. Which I feel good about.

Factoring: Always difficult to teach.

Function Machines: I think I spent more time animating the little puffs of smoke from the machines then I did thinking about question progression. Might not be my best work.

I’ve got a rearranging PowerPoint I’m halfway through creating that will go here at some point.


Vary and twist

Collecting Like Terms : Variation theory mixed with a little bit of spaced practice.

Substitution variation grids : Can’t work out if I like these or they’re confusing. Students fill in a 5 by 5 grid for a variety of expressions. Supposed to reveal underlying patterns.





  1. Love this Expanding one bracket lesson thank you. There’s a few answers the wrong way round of the first slide of questions. .

      • I’ve fixed a few little errors. I kinda deliberately had 5(3+x) = 5x+15 so there was a little discussion point about the order of expressions. I think often students get really confused by something like 10-5x = -5x + 10, especially if we don’t explicitly teach that they are equivalent.

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