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Magnitude of a vector

Download the PowerPoint here There’s two nice tasks here, and some presentation that I’m proud of. For instance, I tried to build up the difficulty here pretty gradually. There’s also room for discussion on the magnitude of vertical and horizontal lines. Moving to the skill we really want I thought this was a clever way… Read More »

Column Vectors

Download the PowerPoint here Three example problem pairs, and three exercises covering the basics of vectors. Notation, adding and multiplying. There’s probably two lessons here. No real vector geometry, which I find so difficult to teach. I’m going to need to do a bit of research before I tackle that. I quite like these questions… Read More »


Download the PowerPoint here Both simple and compound here. I couldn’t make simple a full lesson. I’d separate this into two lessons. Also some nice little one slide questions. Pupils should use trial and error.

Finding a percentage change

Download the PowerPoint here Again, the language here. Finding a percentage change. It can easily be confused with changing by a percentage. I need to have a sit down and think about how I talk about the language here, and how specific I am. Especially with our EAL learners.

One number as a percentage of another

Get the PowerPoint here One thing that redoing some of my percentage PowerPoints has driven home is just how subtle the language around percentages is. We can have the percentage of an amount, the percentage change, changing by a percentage and one number as a percentage of another (among others). No wonder pupils get so… Read More »

Percentage of amounts [calc]

Download the PowerPoint/Worksheet here I’m going through and updating my percentages PowerPoints so that I have all of percentages done and ticked off. Here’s the percentage of amounts with a calculator one, I’ll upload percentage of amounts without a calculator next. I like to separate the two skills. I also make a blooket. You can… Read More »

Proportion in Context

Get the PowerPoint here As promised, here is a proportion in context lesson. Starts with just naming the type of proportion. I love the ‘buy-one-get-one-free’ example I came up with. I tend to teach direct, then indirect, then finish with these in context problems. I encourage solving both through algebraic methods and using something like… Read More »

Inverse Proportion

Download the PowerPoint here Very similar to my last lesson, but looking at indirect. This all ties together with a proportion problems PowerPoint which I will upload before the end of the week, where you have to pick if you’re using direct or indirect. I’ve also updated the ratio lessons I’ve done and added them… Read More »

Direct Proportion (and being a Gem)

Download the PowerPoint here A really simple PowerPoint covering direct proportion. I’ve deliberately left context out of it here and focused on questions that ask you to use the formula. There’s some example problem pairs and some exercises. Gotta say, I love a good fill in the blanks question. Makes you think forwards and back.… Read More »