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Things I Think I Think…3

I aplogise to the Hull City blog Amber Nectar, who I kind of nicked this post format off. I’m really into ‘fill in the gaps’ activities recently. I love how they develop thinking forward and backwards. I love this worksheet on time calculations which I used recently. I went down really well and sparked great… Read More »

Things I Think I Think … 2

I love it when a student goes away and voluntarily does extra work because the task is so fun. This week I did a bit of Artful Maths’ Impossible Objects. Wonderful lesson and I got some great results. More than that, I got some really, really enthused students. I’ve been using my iPad a lot… Read More »

What I’m doing during distance learning

Hello. I know this is the first post in a while, but I thought I’d talk about my routines and what I’m doing during this outbreak. Maybe it will help you solidify your thoughts. I’m going to talk about this through the prism of my year 7s. I teach them 7 times every two weeks.… Read More »

Weekend Website Updates

Fixed some wrong answers on the Solving quadratics by factorising vary and twist. I wrote some timed questions on rounding to multiples of ten and rounding to decimal places. I updated the timed questions page so that you can now change the font. Try it by clicking the font names underneath the yellow carousel. I’ve… Read More »

Robert Low: Why is subtraction so hard?

Really interesting article and worth a read Subtraction presents various problems to learners of mathematics, not least with the mechanics of hand calculating the result of subtracting one multi-digit number from another. But that’s not the kind of difficulty I’m interested in: I’m more interested here in the difficulties that arise when computations involving several… Read More »

MathsConf15: 6 Takeaways

OK, so yesterday it was MathsConf 15. I’ve got loads of takeaways. The first session I went to was Jo Morgan’s session on indices. It was phenomenal. Jo puts a lot of work and research into her sessions and it really shows. If you ever get to see her do an ‘In Depth’ presentation, do.… Read More »