Monthly Archives: November 2022

Words and numbers

Download the resource here I think this resource is quite good. One thing I’ve noticed with pupils, is that literacy gets in the way of the mathematics more often then you would realise. There’s literacy issues with things like ‘range’ etc having very strict mathematical definitions, but we also use loads of different words for… Read More »

Solving by factorising

Download the lesson here This is a follow up to my factorising quadratics lesson. I taught this two weeks ago, but I was cleaning up the slides to be put online. I really think the exercise that goes along with it is nicely thinky. Some variation and slow build up of activity. Other thoughts I’ve… Read More »

Substitution with positive integers

Download the resource here Sometimes a resource benefits from you deleting stuff, not adding stuff. I’ve got a much better understanding of what I want these resources to be, and how they’re helpful these days. Case in point. This used to be a massive PowerPoint stuff with activities, just for the sake of doing activities.… Read More »

Factorising Quadratics

Download the lesson here No solving here. Just concentrating on the core skill of factorising. I started with an example and then this *MISCONCEPTION TIME* It doesn’t matter which way around the brackets go but on this exercise it kinda makes it look like it does *MISCONCEPTION TIME* Did this this cause an issue with… Read More »