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Compound Measures : Speed

Download the PowerPoint here That shape/space/measures bit of the menu is looking awfully bare. Not as bare as the data/probability section, but still. Simple PowerPoint here. Little starter Not sure that the reflect/expect/reflect bit of these questions works. I’ve tried to make sure they compare it to the first question each time, but I think… Read More »

Mean from a list

Download the resource here Some data handling for once! I have deliberately just stuck to mean here. I like to focus on it, rather than doing mean, median and mode all in one lesson. I quite like these questions. Just because there’s loads to talk about when going through them. Things like Lots of things… Read More »

Substitution with positive integers

Download the resource here Sometimes a resource benefits from you deleting stuff, not adding stuff. I’ve got a much better understanding of what I want these resources to be, and how they’re helpful these days. Case in point. This used to be a massive PowerPoint stuff with activities, just for the sake of doing activities.… Read More »

Factorising Quadratics

Download the lesson here No solving here. Just concentrating on the core skill of factorising. I started with an example and then this *MISCONCEPTION TIME* It doesn’t matter which way around the brackets go but on this exercise it kinda makes it look like it does *MISCONCEPTION TIME* Did this this cause an issue with… Read More »

Rounding to 10, 100 and 1000

Download the resource here I can’t believe I haven’t made these slides before. I have a group with lower prior attainment this year, so I wanted to really try and be explicit when teaching this. In my example I went for both a number and a place value grid. There’s quite a bit of mini… Read More »

Factorising Non-monic Quadratics

Download the PowerPoint here Trying to get back into the swing of things. I use grid method to do this. I’m a big proponent of grid. Reading through Jo Morgan’s amazing Compendium of Mathematical methods, there’s loads of approaches. But I like to use grid for everything. I’ve also updated my expanding double brackets and… Read More »

Reverse Percentages

Download the resource here Again, simple. There’s example problem pairs covering discounts/price increases and three exercises of questions. Not much more to say. Again, if you want to get in contact about collating these somewhere where people will actually see them, hit me up on Twitter. I’m @ticktockmaths.