Monthly Archives: July 2016

Pokémon Go lesson

My colleague and superior who doesn’t want to be named designed a Pokemon go lesson. I asked him to upload it to the TES because I thought other teachers would love it, but he’s shy and scared of the internet, so I’ve asked permission to reproduce it here. It is a rich task talking about the… Read More »

Artful Maths and the end of term

A rejected Harry Potter title, that. Artful Maths is brilliant. Some lovely end of term activities on there. We’re running Curves of Pursuit as a session. I’ll be nagging my HOD to buy fancy coloured paper next year to do some lovely folding stuff. There’s more stuff like this in the ATM book Mathematical Imagery, apparently. I… Read More »

Exam Solutions And A Request For IT Help

I’ve always loved Exam Solutions. The videos are delivered in a clear and accessible way and I always watch them when I revisit a topic for A Level. It’s often helped me teach something in a more approachable or simple way. I’ve tried to do my own Exam Solutions stuff before, but with limited success. The… Read More »

Rent To Own

I made a quick PowerPoint comparing rent to own companies like Bright House with buying goods outright. Get it here I think there’s a problem solving task in here. Collecting the items needed for an everyday house and comparing the cost of buying them outright, buying them with a credit card and buying them with… Read More »