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ChristMATHS 2022

Download it here. My annual Christmas maths quiz is here. I’ve made it early this year to give people plenty of time to find it. (Looking back, I’ve made some sort of this quiz for 6 years now!) This isn’t just a quiz, it’s a quiz with lots of links to maths. I know some… Read More »


Download the PowerPoint here. This is basically a lot of ideas knicked from Resourceaholic. Sorry @mathsjem! Quite happy with this, though. I have used this with my year 9 class this year and I think I’ve taught trig better than I ever have before. Starts with sine. Talking about similar triangles. Not using the calculator… Read More »

Adding fractions and mixed numbers

Download the PowerPoint here. So, I’ve been unhappy with my adding fractions lessons for a while. They were always ‘good enough’ but not actually good. This year, I decided that good enough wasn’t good enough. I needed to finally attack them. Flesh them out, make them interesting, build in opportunity for students to really test… Read More »

Fractional Indices

Download the PowerPoint here. This is my first post of the term. I guess I’ve started a week late. The reason is quite simple, I think I’ve got a bit of resource writer’s block! This PowerPoint is fine. It’s got an example problem pair. A discussion (which I’ve found a useful bit in my lessons.… Read More »

Calculating bearings

Download the PowerPoint here Bearings is a topic that I’ve taught really badly in the past. It’s due to a number of factors (teaching measuring, use of worksheets) but mainly I think due to a lack of thinking on my part about the different processes and skills contained within bearings work. I often lumped all… Read More »

Equivalent fraction diagrams

Download the file here Based on reading Viable Maths by Peter Mattock. When I do equivalent fractions but I rarely do it with the aid of a diagram or a frame like I have here. I haven’t extended this to algebra, but I imagine it would not be difficult to do so.