Equations of parallel lines

By | 15th October 2019

Download the PowerPoint here.

I quite like this one.

It starts with a little whole class activity saying if two lines are parallel or not. If you click ‘check’ it’ll show you the graph. Nice!

Then students have to do some solo work on this, matching up equations with the same gradient. This is a nice little chance to interleave some rearranging formulas work and some fractional work.

I thought about these questions reasonable hard. The activity format is stolen from mathspad.co.uk. If you’re not subscribed, you need to be. It’s one of the best value for money sites out there.

Then we’re onto the typical example/problem pair.

And some nice little questions with a bit of variation theory. I deliberately wrote less questions that I maybe would normally, and focused on the quality of the questions and making sure that there was a good amount of stuff to talk about in regards to the answers.

Then onto some more difficult problems…

Overall, I was pleased with this lesson. I really felt that these questions and slides gave me a good structure to teach this content.

The only issue is that it’s a little too atomised. There isn’t quite enough here on picking out when to use these skills. Maybe that’s for the teacher to draw attention to.

As always : Hmmmmmm.