Monthly Archives: December 2013

OFSTED whiplash

OFSTED whiplash Wilshaw would like to see the government reintroduce external testing at the end of key stage 1 and at key stage 3. He said: “Talk to any good headteacher and they will tell you it was a mistake to abolish those tests. If we are serious about raising standards and catching up with… Read More »

Logic Puzzles

Recently I’ve been using a lot of Logic Puzzles from the Printable Puzzles website. They’re a really fantastic way to get students thinking, and to get them to use logic. They also help reading two way tables. You can get the last four days worth of puzzles for free (which is perfect for teachers) and… Read More »

Misleading Graphs

I was shown this corker of a graph recently. The scales there are wonderfully deceptive. I love a good misleading graph. They’re really good for generating discussion, especially when you delve into the difference between a graph merely being wrongly created and a graph that’s been deliberately manipulated to be misleading, as this one has.… Read More »