A mountain of updates

By | 14th January 2024

So I had some free time last week and I decided to get some resources made/updated and published. Last week I published:

This year I’m going to try harder to get closer to more coverage with some of my slides. It’s a bit spotty at the moment. I’m going to be filling in gaps and getting stuff published, even if that stuff isn’t groundbreaking.

It’s always been in my eye to get full coverage up to GCSE. But that is a HUGE undertaking. It really makes you realise how CRAMMED with content the GCSE is, and how it does need scaling back a bit.

I’m closing in on Grade 1 full coverage. I just need to get some ordering negatives, multiplying negatives, coordinates and pictogram slides done. I know there’s no such thing as ‘grade 1 topics’, but I’m finding the Maths Genie list of topics useful and I’m working from that.

Anyway, I hope some of this is useful to some of you.