Factors And Multiples


These are lessons to be taken ‘off the shelf’. Each PowerPoint contains an explanation, several different tasks, a problem solving task and a learning check. These require no printing.

Properties of Number: Recognise a prime number.Find the factors and multiples of a number.

Squares and Cubes: Find a square, a cube, a square root and a cube root.

Product of Primes: Draw a factor tree. Write a number as the product of it’s primes.

Highest Common Factor: Find the HCF of some numbers

Lowest Common Mutliple: Find the LCM of some numbers.


Differentiated questions. These will generate questions based on your input. For the projector, but they will also print out nicely.

Factors and multiples

Prime factors and primes in index form

Highest Common Factor, Lowest Common Multiple



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