ChristMATHS 2022

By | 2nd December 2022

Download it here.

My annual Christmas maths quiz is here. I’ve made it early this year to give people plenty of time to find it. (Looking back, I’ve made some sort of this quiz for 6 years now!) This isn’t just a quiz, it’s a quiz with lots of links to maths.

I know some people like to teach up until the last second, but I’ve always liked to finish the term off on a nice little maths quiz. I think it’s OK for us sometimes to let our hair down a little. I say this. I’m bald.

The rounds this year include some repeats from last year. Like the Shakin’ Stevens video round.

I think it’s nice to kick off with a song. And I’m sorry but I find this video hilarious. It’s utterly cursed. I’m usually cackling all the way through.

Round two this year is inspired by Linkee. I love a quiz. I love Linkee.

The questions were really hard to write!

Round three is a cipher type thing.

Let them use a calculator. Go on. Be nice. It’s Christmas.

Round four is the Chris Moyles Quiz night round. These are always a good laugh.

Round five is sudoko. I found this worked well last year. So I kept it. Also I couldn’t think of a round to replace it.

That’s Christmaths!

Other thoughts

  • Just two more weeks to go of term. Then I’d have uploaded a resource every week of term one. That’s pretty good going if you ask me.
  • If you’ve used any of my resources this term and liked them, and have some spare cash about, please do me a favour. Please consider a gift to KidsOut. Their online shop is filled with gifts that you can purchase to send to children in refuges. Read all about them. I genuinely get a little teary each time I do. Here is a real challenge. Take a second to read their website and stay dry eyed.
  • I hope you are having a wonderful Christmastime. Teaching is stressful and difficult and I hope you get the rest and relaxation you deserve.