Mean from a list

By | 16th December 2022

Download the resource here

Some data handling for once!

I have deliberately just stuck to mean here. I like to focus on it, rather than doing mean, median and mode all in one lesson.

I quite like these questions. Just because there’s loads to talk about when going through them. Things like

  • On g to h : I added one to each value. What happened to the mean?
  • b and c. I’ve increased one value by 1 and decreased another by 1. What happens to the mean?
  • e) I’ve multiplied all values by 10. What has happened to the mean?

Lots of things to generalise and investigate. I’ve even chucked in a bit of algebra.

I’ve extended things by including some ‘missing number’ questions. Only 6.

Then there’s a learning check.

That’s it.

And that’s a resource every single week of this half term. The menu is looking a lot more full these days. Roll on 2023.