Updated/New resource : Linear inequality notation

Download the lesson here.

I’m not quite sure what I was thinking when I wrote these slides initially. They were a mess!

For a start, I bundled writing inequalities, number lines and solving all onto one PowerPoint! That’s waaaaaaay too much. It’s also a little ‘disrespectful’ to the topic of inequality notation. That skill is easily worth a lesson on it’s own! I clearly hadn’t sat down and thought clearly enough about the subtleties of the topic.

You can do loads of good spaced learning with inequalities. We can practice ideas of place value.


I’ve cleaned this slide up. Before it looked like this :

EEEEEEEK! This is NOT good slide design. Sir! Is number one 1.9 [] 5 ?

I’ve also added lots of whiteboard questions and a little bit of testing if an inequality is true. After all, inequalities are all about systems and logic tests, really.

I’ve also redrawn all my images of inequality number lines in GeoGebra because they looked gross before.


Some interesting answers to this!