Sharing in a ratio

Download the lesson here.

Something I’ve wanted to get around to completing for a while. I love ratio and I’ve got into doing a little bit of bar modelling. There’s some LOVELY questions in the White Rose Barvember stuff.

This lesson has an example problem pair and some mini-whiteboard work. When I taught this lesson, the mini-whiteboard stuff really, really worked on getting students on the same page and up to speed.

I put quite a lot of thought into this set of questions, too.

I think I’ve done a good job with question 2 in particular, there.

Also there’s some worded questions.

Question 5 might be my favorite question of all the questions I have ever written. There’s just something lovely and crunchy about it.

Obviously this lesson includes the plenary check as well and also a problem solving question.

Friday’s resource is the last one for a while. It’s the Easter break. If I’m writing maths on a beach in Laos, my wife will murder me. On a personal note, I’ve managed to have a blog ready every Monday, Wednesday and Friday this half term. Pat on the back for me, there. I hope to have the same schedule next term.