Rearranging formulas and equations

Download the PowerPoint here.

This is a big one! It’s at a minimum 3 lessons, probably 4.

Starts numerically

I like this

Next is something I have added after listening to the Mr Barton podcast with Naveen Rizvi. I realised I didn’t spend enough time talking about what the subject means!

Some example problem pairs come next, and two activities. One on making sure that you can put the steps in the right order, one a simple grid of questions (although thought about and grouped properly). There’s also some mini-whiteboard work.

I should have added more questions on using just a single step, I think. Maybe I’ve moved too quickly. This is on my to-think-about list for the next time that update this resources. Of course, comments on this post or to @ticktockmaths on twitter are highly welcome.

Some stuff on using this with scientific formulae.

Moves on to using factorising including an activity and a ‘write the missing line of working’ activity.

Finally, multiplying across, regrouping, and then factorising.

This section is a tad underdeveloped (it does have a learning check, though), but the PowerPoint was getting quite long.