One number as a percentage of another

Download the PowerPoint here.

I’m teaching percentages at the moment and as I do so, I’m updating my slides. I’ll mention what I’ve updated here.

This PowerPoint I’ve split up from ‘percentage change’ and made them two separate lessons.

I’ve added example problem pairs. Instead of trying to do everything at once. I had a real think and there’s 3 skills here.

  1. One step – > Simply multiplying or dividing once to get /100
  2. Two step -> First finding the factor of 100 and then multiplying or dividing to get /100
  3. Having to divide and convert the decimal

I’ve split them up into the four different skills. I also added some whiteboard work so pupils could practice 1 and 2 step, as there wasn’t quite enough fluency bits on these.

I also added some questions like 60/50. It occurs to me that I don’t ask enough of these type of questions, so students don’t become used to seeing things like 125% and often then can’t express these.

Comment appreciated.