Vary and Twist: Proportion

I’m going to call these Vary and Twist.

Section A is some variation practice. Here’s my thinking behind the variations:

  1. Simple example
  2. Context change, numbers stay the same
  3. OK. Now double what we require. answer doubles
  4. Amount needed triples, answer triples. Also 6 x first one
  5. We’ve doubled the number of pens in the first one. essentially having the price…
  6. Now doubling the price
  7. Halving the price. Link between 5? Maybe 6 + 7 should be swapped around
  8. Less pens then initially. Answer will get smaller for first time
  9. Rounding introduced.
  10. Don’t just quadruple your answer from 9! You’ll introduce a rounding error!

Sections B and C add a little extension, but they use the idea of spaced practice to make students think a little more than standard blocked practice.

Worksheet is here.

Think I might be using this format for more exercises. I’ve done the table layout now. Took me ages.

I’ve found it’s a little limited, though. Tried to do a sheet with probability trees and it quickly became unmanageable with images.

Comment etc.