Only Connect


I’ve been a fan of Only Connect for a while, especially it’s connecting wall.

In the connecting wall round you get 16 clues and have to arrange them into four groups of four. You can play the BBC version here.

I’ve wanted to create a maths version for a while, but I’ve never been quite clever enough to do this.

Luckily someone has created a version were users can submit their own walls. It’s at However I didn’t want to clog up the main website, and I wanted all of my grids in one easy to find place, so I emailed the creator of the site Theo to ask for help. This is what he said:

My suggestion is that you submit grids under a name such as #Richard or #MrTock , or whatever.  Starting with hash is the key.  These won’t be displayed in the main list.
If you want to display these to your students you can send links to them, or you could send them to
This works fantastically! My creations will be here. Try and make your own, and share them in the comments below.