New(ish) lesson: Factorising Single Brackets


This isn’t completely new. I’ve edited and refined a lesson I’ve had on here before. Except I’ve packed it with MORE STUFF. I’eve tried to use Jo Morgan’s idea of going more in depth. So this lesson has:

Some I do you do/examples.

One of my vary and twist activities. Available as a word file here.

Some ‘does it fit’ whole class discussion. Look at question 4. Oh my!

A ‘spotting of mistakes’ activity to really hammer the point home.

Using factorisation to complete calculations. Yes please!

A problem solving task!

Oh. Then I thought. How about a plenary.

On the powerpoint is a quite nicely thought about 5 question mini test thing. It’s quite easy. But Craig Barton has defiantly managed to convince me that chucking a really hard question at the end is a mistake and maybe we should be giving students confidence at the end.

I know what you’re thinking.

What if I want some slop. Or some more timed questions? You can get some here. It randomly picks from…wait for it…over 2,000 questions!!!

Sometimes I think I should plan more lessons like this.

Including coding and stuff for the questions on the timed questions it took me about 5 hours.

Maybe that’s why.

As always give me a shout if I’ve idioted a question up.

Excuse me if the writing style was mad today. I downed a lot of Cherry Coke whilst coding.