New resource : Equivalent and Simplifying ratio lesson

Wrote this powerpoint today.

It’s like my ProjectALesson stuff but I’ve taken A LOT of explanation out. I’ve also got some stuff you need to print out. I’m not sure making them ‘pick up and go’ was that helpful.

It takes a lot of inspiration from It’s my new favourite website. It’s ACE.

I also took a lot of inspiration from Jo Morgan’s MathsConf session . She was talking about covering stuff in depth, and not missing an opportunity to go into negatives and fractions.

I made what is probably my favourite exercise of all time based on this. My colleague Mike helped me write the questions (Hi Mike!) and some of them are superb, although they might be a bit much/challenging. As an aside, sitting with my colleague and writing some questions was a great use of our time. Mike came up with some questions that I wouldn’t have. I love the misconception of 2^3 : 2^2 being the same as 2 : 3. Mike came up with that. It also made us discuss stuff really deeply. If you’ve got some gained time, write some questions with a colleague.

See what you think. As always, the discussion is the fun bit.

EDIT : I’ve uploaded this ‘Pixel Picture’ as word file on TES here. It makes the formatting a little nicer.