Direct Proportion (and being a Gem)

Download the PowerPoint here

A really simple PowerPoint covering direct proportion. I’ve deliberately left context out of it here and focused on questions that ask you to use the formula. There’s some example problem pairs and some exercises. Gotta say, I love a good fill in the blanks question. Makes you think forwards and back.

I’ve included examples here with a negative proportionality constant. Twitter was pretty unanimous that this was OK.

If you disagree, tweet at me!

In other news : I got mentioned in Jo Morgan’s end of year ‘gem’ awards. What an honour!

I won the ‘Hidden Gem’ award. As always, there’s an open offer here. If you want to host any of this stuff, or help it reach a bigger audience (or have feedback as to why it doesn’t), please contact me.

Next time : Indirect proportion.