These are lessons to be taken ‘off the shelf’. Each ppt contains an explanation, several different tasks, a problem solving task and a learning check. These require no printing.

Circumference of a circle: Lots of questions, and moves onto being explicit about how to find the diameter given an area. Not until I made this did I realise I’d been trying to do this too quickly.

Areas of circles: Lots of practice. Link to some whiteboard work. Some work on picking the correct formula to change between circumference and area, too. This is v2 with quite a few changes in it.

Perimeters of arcs and sectors : Quite simple, really. Again, explicitly talking about finding the radius/angle given an area. \

Areas of sectors : Tried to spice it up a bit with some variation theory questions thrown in.

Compound shapes (with circles) : Not a massive lesson, but I feel it’s worth doing this separately, rather than at the same time as compound shapes. Plus, there’s some lovely shapes here.