Ben Newmark: Why I killed my starters

So welcome to my lesson. Pens out. One to fifteen in your margins. Nothing new, it’s a review. Question one..

A thought: Maybe ‘fun’ starters were implemented partly as a behaviour tool. Might also explain the persistence of ‘high pace’ lessons with lots of superficial tasks. Keeps pupils busy, even if it doesn’t result in much learning.
I’ve found the Corbett Maths 5-a-day to be good starters, although Ben’s idea of 5 from the last lesson, 5 from the unit and 5 from anywhere makes sense.
Might start incorporating this into my lessons (when I get around to actually making them again).
Edit: I had a go at making something like this for the first lesson in my equivalent fractions unit. I’m not sure I’ve got the formatting right. It looks a little messy for me.
Download it here. I’ve done two duplicate pages and an answer pages. This allows you to print them off ‘two on a page’ which saves printing. I’ll continue to tinker.