Things I Think I Think…3

I aplogise to the Hull City blog Amber Nectar, who I kind of nicked this post format off.

  1. I’m really into ‘fill in the gaps’ activities recently. I love how they develop thinking forward and backwards. I love this worksheet on time calculations which I used recently. I went down really well and sparked great conversations. Love this kinda stuff. (Although for some reason TES won’t let me review the resource and give it 5 stars).
  2. Talking of TES, I’ve updated my resources on Measuring Bearings, Calculating Bearings, Expanding Brackets and the Sine Rule and uploaded them on there. I’ve corrected mistakes, sorted out some formatting and freshened things up.
    I’m still unsure about all this. I don’t think my resources should be on their own website. I understand that we have far too many resource websites to check, but at the same time TES is pretty rubbish. It’s annoying to update a resource if I see an error and track changes, and it’s interface and search isn’t great.
    Plus there’s all this paid junk flooding the listings meaning that stuff never gets seen. The other thing is that I struggle to get feedback there. I don’t know if stuff is not getting downloaded because it’s rubbish or because people don’t see it.
    I’d love to have a platform with some quality control that I could submit resources to, but I realise that’s probably a pipedream considering how much such a thing would cost to run.
    Tweet at me if you want to discuss any of this because I think there’s potential in connecting things.
    I know it’s kinda pathetically attention seeking but I’ve been making resources for 10 years now and I feel a lot of it just gets lost in the mix. Which kinda puts me off doing it.
  3. Talking about bearings… I did my measuring Bearings lessons the other day, and we’d lost a load of half protractors. So I used this template and printed them out on tracing paper. A game changer! It worked brilliantly. Just make sure you change the printer output setting to ‘transparent’ or whatever similar setting you are offered.
  4. I’ve been thinking a lot about books recently. I’ve got some colleagues who are really on it with books and end up with classes that have awesome books. It’s something that I really want to work on next year (I’m sure I’ve said this before). I think it requires quite a lot of follow through and effort, though. Definitely something to think about.
  5. I love this Tweet. Lots to think about in regards to the language that we use.