Why teachers don't know best

This is a really interesting post and well worth a read.

I’m not sure I agree with all of it. I especially hate it when anyone refers to pupils as ‘customers’, but it really got me thinking, and that’s always a good thing.



  1. Hi Richard, Many thanks for the reblog. I answer your comment at http://edtechnow.net/2013/08/27/blind/#comment-3666. In short:
    * I agree that the identity of the “customer” in education is problematic;
    * neverthess, I think that it is important that teachers see themselves as a supplier, in the sense that it is not their job to define the ultimate aims of their service because that would elevate them to the unaccountable position of high priest;
    * the directionality implicit in supplying a service does not imply a similar directionality in the way that happens (i.e. “supplying a service” does not imply “transmitting knoweldge”. Would be very interested to hear more reactions! Crispin.

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