TickTock Starters

So I made some starters. You can find them here. The file name says ’25 starters’ but there’s actually more than fifty of them. I got carried away.

There are some of the normal numeracy starters in this pack, but I’ve also tried to add unique and interesting ideas that can be used over and over agin. In this post I’ll talk you through some of the better ones.

(A quick note: the numbers are simply ordered by which I added to the slide show first. There’s no special numbering system)

14. If this is the answer, what is the question?

What is the question?

This is the best starter I’ve ever come up with. It’s simply a random number generator that gives you a number between 1 and 50. The range of questions that students come up with, and the creativity of those questions, will astound you. I really love doing this, as it allows students to be creative (there are infinite answers! How often do we have that in maths?) and challenge themselves. It’s also accessible to all.

29. Bananas


I found that a lot of my students like playing a game called Bananas. You get given a letter then have to fill as many categories as you can with words starting with that letter. I created a digital maths version, complete with random letter generator that means you can play the game in maths lessons. It hits literacy boxes and students absolutely love it as it’s gamey and allows them to be creative. You wouldn’t believe how much you can get out of this one slide, and as it’s got random generation aspects you can use it more than once. Give it a go.

21. How many sweets in the jar

Sweets in a jar

This may seem a silly one, but it’s engaging (one thing I’ve tried to keep with the green coloured starters is the idea that all students, regardless of ability, can have a go) and estimation is one of the key tools students will need in their lives. There’s a link to a great video about the ‘wisdom of the crowd’, too.

Download the full PowerPoint for all fifty. I think some of them will be of great use on your first day back.