Things I Think I Think … 2
  1. I love it when a student goes away and voluntarily does extra work because the task is so fun. This week I did a bit of Artful Maths’ Impossible Objects. Wonderful lesson and I got some great results. More than that, I got some really, really enthused students.
  2. I’ve been using my iPad a lot recently. I really like it, but it’s made me think about my board work. I have a few colleagues who make beautiful board notes using colour and shape. I’ve never got there and I really would like to. I really would love to invest my time in this in the future. See the Tweet from Ed Southall at the bottom of this post. It’s gorgeous.
  3. We’ve been using Times Tables Rockstars a bit for our younger learners and it’s really nice. But it also made me think that the issue is not our lack of resources, but the abundance of them. It’s rather like Netflix. All of this content and I spend ages scrolling the menu deciding what I want to watch. It’s why I think Resourceaholic is so good. It’s just good stuff, well curated.
    I was saddened to see Jo is having a tough time at the moment. If you haven’t already, you should buy her book, It’s fascinating and a really good exploration of different methods. I think it’s really worth knowing these, and there’s great discussions to be had with classes as to which methods are better and why. She also has a buy me coffee page.
  4. I was talking to my tutor group about social media the other day. We were talking about the Pavlov’s Dog ping of pleasure if you get a like or something. I’m real susceptible to this. I posted my perimeter lesson, and it got a ton of likes, but my last One Step Equation lessons got not likes or retweets. Got no idea why.
  5. I couldn’t think of 5 things, but I wanted to get into the habit of blogging more regularly.