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Rent To Own

I made a quick PowerPoint comparing rent to own companies like Bright House with buying goods outright. Get it here I think there’s a problem solving task in here. Collecting the items needed for an everyday house and comparing the cost of buying them outright, buying them with a credit card and buying them with… Read More »

KenKen Puzzles

Since finding this on TES, I’ve become midly obsessed with KenKen puzzles. They are like Sudoku (which I already think is fantastic at developing the kind of maths skills I want to see) but much more mathematcally involved. There’s a load of these puzzles on the linked PowerPoints, or you can just Google ‘KenKen’.

Logic Puzzles

Recently I’ve been using a lot of Logic Puzzles from the Printable Puzzles website. They’re a really fantastic way to get students thinking, and to get them to use logic. They also help reading two way tables. You can get the last four days worth of puzzles for free (which is perfect for teachers) and… Read More »

Only Connect

I’ve been a fan of Only Connect for a while, especially it’s connecting wall. In the connecting wall round you get 16 clues and have to arrange them into four groups of four. You can play the BBC version here. I’ve wanted to create a maths version for a while, but I’ve never been quite… Read More »

TickTock Starters

So I made some starters. You can find them here. The file name says ’25 starters’ but there’s actually more than fifty of them. I got carried away. There are some of the normal numeracy starters in this pack, but I’ve also tried to add unique and interesting ideas that can be used over and… Read More »

Chris Moyles' Quiz Night

A while ago, Chris Moyles had a TV show called ‘Quiz Night’. Part of the program was a maths quiz, done by various pop acts (including, shudder, One Direction). A lot of these are available on YouTube, so I collected them all together to make a convenient playlist. Here it is I’ve used these a… Read More »