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Some Board Game Reviews

As I’ve talked about before, I run a nurture group. We often use games to try to make maths learning a bit more fun. Here’s some reviews. Orchard Toys Magic Cauldron Amazon link This game is quite clever. You pick up a sum and try to work it out. When you think you have the… Read More »


If you’ve ever used either Quizdom or the ActivInspire voting paddles, you’ll realise that they’re quite good for assessment and for plenaries. Unfortunately they have a few draw backs. For one, most schools don’t have many sets (the voting paddles are expensive) and the equipment is often bulky. This is really inconvenient when you simply want… Read More »

Only Connect

I’ve been a fan of Only Connect for a while, especially it’s connecting wall. In the connecting wall round you get 16 clues and have to arrange them into four groups of four. You can play the BBC version here. I’ve wanted to create a maths version for a while, but I’ve never been quite… Read More »

Chris Moyles' Quiz Night

A while ago, Chris Moyles had a TV show called ‘Quiz Night’. Part of the program was a maths quiz, done by various pop acts (including, shudder, One Direction). A lot of these are available on YouTube, so I collected them all together to make a convenient playlist. Here it is I’ve used these a… Read More »