Solving One Step Equations

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Another attempt to take lessons that were a bit rubbish and update them, with a focus on good questions.

I’ve taken what I think is quite a brave choice to use decimals extensively throughout. There is a reason for that, and that is thinking about the skill that I want students to understand. The skill here is rearranging to solve. Using ‘nice’ numbers can lead students to solving by inspection. Great! They get the answer, but they often are not using the very skill I’m trying to teach.

Hopefully by using more ‘difficult’ numbers (with the aid of a calculator), students will do the thing that I want them to do.

Maybe not.

I tried to cover every possible type of question, but if I’ve missed one, let me know. I haven’t bothered with worded questions at all. I think maybe that’s a separate thing altogether, but it could go here.

I think I haven’t spent enough time doing this before and I’ve tired to be really in depth. As always, feedback is welcome.