These are lessons to be taken ‘off the shelf’. Each ppt contains an explanation, several different tasks, a problem solving task and a learning check. These require no printing.

These were the first ‘ProjectALessons’ I did, so the quality may not be as great as some others.

I think I will edit these with ideas in Ed Southall’s ‘Yes but why?’ book and the Dani Quinn Mr Barton Maths podcast. She starts with equations like 2.3 + x = 1.5 or similar, so students cannot do them by inspection and MUST use balance, even for ‘easy’ questions. Each lesson here could easily be two with support materials.

Unknowns on one side only: Ronseal.

Unknowns on both sides: I’ve tried to add lots of examples.

Solving equations with brackets: Brackets on one side and brackets on both sides.

Equations with fractions: Probably needs more questions at the higher end.




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