Simplifying algebraic fractions

Lesson PowerPoint here.

Really tried to think through this topic and really break it down.

As I have been doing, I added some whiteboard work, too.

Quite like this small activity I’ve put in there.

I like little things like this. Breaks things up a little bit.

Missed the fact that one of my resources on TES was Mr Barton’s resource of the week! That’s nice.

Noticed, though, that it’s not the up-to-date version that’s linked on this site.

I am aware no one uses this site, and that it’s better to have stuff in one place, but it’s annoying having to update stuff on TES every time I improve a resource (it automatically does it here). I don’t think I’ve got the time to maintain an account on TES and here. But TES is where people see stuff.