Percentage of amounts [calc]

Download the PowerPoint/Worksheet here

I’m going through and updating my percentages PowerPoints so that I have all of percentages done and ticked off. Here’s the percentage of amounts with a calculator one, I’ll upload percentage of amounts without a calculator next. I like to separate the two skills.

I also make a blooket. You can find that here. I’m currently loving blooket. It’s basically like Kahoot, but with games. I think the games are really well devised, and it’s great for getting kids doing simple, procedural questions. I also like how the best mathematician doesn’t always win. I know that seems counter intuitive, but often with Kahoot, the same person wins every time. Which can demotivate some. It’s also great for getting them doing work over a longer period of time than Kahoot is.

Again, I’ve actually been really busy updating all sorts of resources. Use the menu at the top to see what I’ve got.