New Resource : Solving Two Step Equations

Download the PowerPoint and worksheet here.

I have, again, tried to avoid inspection by using slightly annoying numbers. I would suggest that calculators are a must for this resource.

I also added the following page, which I really like.

Hopefully questions 9 and 10 provoke a good discussion. I love a bit of direct instruction, but I also love a bit of debate and discussion. I think there’s a little misconception that direct instruction is just dull lecturing. As with anything, it’s about the mix and variety.

I’m still thinking of a good way to share these. In the summer term, when I have more free time, I’m going to a proper evaluation of what I have that is good enough to show people, and how I can present stuff so that it’s useful and findable. There isn’t any current reason for this stuff to all be consigned to this site, I think it would be better to bring disparate resources together.