New Resource : Simplifying ratio timed questions

Like the old ten quick questions, but with three levels of difficulty.

Level one (first three questions) : Prime divisor

Level two (second three questions) : Compound divisor

Level three (third three questions) : 1 : n

Level four (last question) : Units

Tempted to extend it to do 12 questions. That last question feels odd on it’s own.

Also the PDF generation is weird. Think you have to click go for it not to be a blank page. And allow cookies.

I messed up the question generation code so had to go back in and manually edit hundreds of answers 🙁

Get it here.

Sometimes if you mess around with changing the id and sid parts of the url you might see stuff I’ve been working on but not blogged about yet. (Try 8,1 8,2 for instance )