Multiplying algebraic fractions

Download the PowerPoint here

Last lesson for a bit. It’s half term next week and my wife will kill me if I plan resources on holiday.

Decided to just to multiplying as one lesson. Don’t know if that’s too slow, but I think it’s worth practicing the skill. I quite like my second activity here.

When I come to add more to this resource I will add a section on multiplying and then factorising. I didn’t do it now because I think the class I planned this for will not get that far.

For the first time I used someone else’s questions. I used @littlemissdwyer’s typed up questions from a Victorian textbook because they were better than anything I would have written.

I started uploading some stuff to TES. It’s still not as nice as having them all as OneDrive links that update automatically as I change them, though.