Magnitude of a vector

Download the PowerPoint here

There’s two nice tasks here, and some presentation that I’m proud of.

For instance, I tried to build up the difficulty here pretty gradually. There’s also room for discussion on the magnitude of vertical and horizontal lines.

Moving to the skill we really want

I thought this was a clever way to combine two things I like. Code breaking exercises like this one and also questions where we do two different calculations, but get the same answer.

It all comes with example problem pairs and a nice plenary.

I probably won’t upload a PowerPoint for more than a week as

  1. I have half term starting Thursday
  2. The next resource on my list is vector geometry and I think that’s going to a massive amount of work. I’ll have to think how I can break it down into nice chunks. Otherwise the PowerPoint will be 700 slides long.

As always, comments to @ticktockmaths on Twitter.